Changes coming to

Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.21.png

Changes are currently being made to the KWG Productions official website,, throughout this week. Last week the blog page was completely redone. There are now pages that allow faster navigation to high school and college sports news, as well as the Mooreland Fair truck and tractor pulls, Mt. Lawn Speedway, and the Richmond Jazz.

It has been draw o my attention that the official website is a little more sophisticated and difficult to use. There are currently six pages on the website including: Home, About us, DJ Service, Sponsors, and Broadcasts. Even though these current tabs should allow for easy navigation. However, there is duplicated information and the site is clearly unorganized. Throughtout the next week, we will be reorganizing the page for easier use. There will be the Home page with simple information, an About Us page explaining how the company began and where it is at now, a DJ/Broadcasting page describing the various services and a contact submisson form, a Broadcasts/Videos page with all of the KWG broadcasts and videos, and a Contact Us page with all of our different contact information, including our social media platfoms. Sponsors will be relocated to the Home page.

The official launch date for the redisigned launch date is set for Sunday, June 26th. Stay tuned for more information!




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