New Castle 7th Grader Wins Fourth State Title


As the sun came up in New Castle Sunday morning, New Castle Middle School 7th grader Annie Gillock woke up with basketball on her mind. Why? Annie would be going to the Indiana North District Tri-Star Pass, Shoot, and Dribble state competition for the fourth time. 8-13 year olds from the Northern Indiana Optimist International district compete at the state level held at the New Castle Fieldhouse. Each contestant has to shoot four free throws, two shots from the block on the side of the free throw lane, dribble through four cones and back while being timed, and successfully make three chest passes and three bounce passes. There were four contestants in the girls 12 year old division. Gillock was the second to compete of the four. She went three for four from the free throw line, and two for two from the block. From there she went to the dribbling course and completed that in 6.5 seconds. She also made all three chest passes and all three bounce passes. Annie would did not only win the 12 year old division, she set the highest score for all of the girls at the contest site ages 8-13, and beat the second place finisher by over thirty points. Congratulations Annie on your fourth Pass, Shoot, and Dribble state championship!


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